Ann Hyphen (trancendenz) wrote in rockmyass_cosmo,
Ann Hyphen

why aren't feminists up in arms about this ad?

While looking another journal entry I came across the above link. The "killed for your coat ad" has me very annoyed and I'm wondering why feminists are not protesting PETA right now. I think fur is absolutely disgusting...but the shocking ad is even more disgusting. Using violence against women to promote an ad is one of the few things that I will agree with hardcore feminists about, yet they do nothing when an ad is being displayed on the front of a webpage.
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They are. Protesting PETA, that is. Some of them, at least. Check -- they have a huge section on PETA.
I mean mainstream feminists.
Well, everyone knows mainstream feminists suck ass
Well, I don't agree with grouping liberals in with feminists.
I mean feminists in with liberals.
You mean, like Andrea Dworkin?
I didn't know who that was but according to wikipedia, she got fucked up by all the men in her life. I don't think sex causes subordination. If that were true, my bf wouldn't be doing the dishes and cleaning up after himself.
I mention that sex thing cuz apparently one of her books was devoted to that. Seems like a wasted life of someone who was raped that could have been doing more things to prevent rape.
Also, I don't think pornography should be illegal as long as the people in it are truly willing participants. I believe in the constitution before I believe in some psychobabble that says women have their civil rights violated everytime a porno is made. I choose rational thought over other idiotic ideas.
She was the antithesis of a mainstream feminist.
feh, I've known many feminists to [rightfully] complain about PETA, even ones that are heavily into animal rights.