the electric head (zombilena) wrote in rockmyass_cosmo,
the electric head

just a note beforehand... i don't mean to offend anyone with my questions, but just in case my sentences are taken in the wrong way, please excuse my phrasing.

and with that, here's my question:

i'm doing a major report and am researching on the extremes women go to for beauty. breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction are beginning to be what is percieved as more "normal" and socially accepted, but with technological advancements and the like, doctors are coming up with more ways to enhance the appearance of a female.

things such as surgery on the labia to make it appear more attractive, give it a different colour; breaking the legs and lengthening them out over a period of time; amputation of sections of the toes to fit into high heels etc.

if anyone could suggest more "extreme" surgeries, i would really appreciate it.

also, suggestions for procedures which have occured throughout western history would also be very useful. like victorians and rib removal to achieve a further corseted waist.

if you would rather e-mail me, that is definitely fine!

thank you in advance and please help me if you have any information, it will all be highly appreciated.

thanks :)

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