January 4th, 2006

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Hm, I got banned from commenting on KMA_C.

When the hell did that happen? I think the last comment I made was a few months ago, possibly about how people always get shot down for acknowledging that men get shit on as well.


So I'm going to post my latest response here, since I typed it up and all.


" The behaviour isn't very savory, but this world is run on capitalism, and these girls do need the money to live. There's no need to turn their back on you or say rude things; they probably aren't very nice people in the first place, but most retail workers need to make money.

I remember working in a clothing store for 3 months. That's all I could last because my boss constantly tore me down and insulted me and hurt me because I wasn't making sales, because I avoided the peppy people. I spent more time on the laid back people, and they never, ever, spent as much. I'm not saying this to be rude, but it is a fact I observed.

Retail is hard work, and although the comments you experienced were out of hand, it's not all these girls fault.

In fact, I dress the exact same to go out so I will be ignored until I ask for help. I hate being barraged."