January 7th, 2006


(no subject)

Hey guys, I hate to promote a community that me and *guy* created but here it is. It's called blackfolkwatch. The main purpose was to be the antithesis to a racist community. It's not anti-black people, but the community we oppose is called blackfolk lol

Our community is also anti-sexist, pro-sexuality (i.e. pro homo and hetero and both lifestyles), and basically anti-isms. We really need members and this has become so important to me as I'm tired of -isms in America.

I'm hoping that people will first post their situations with discrimination and be open to discussing class issues as well. You can read the info, but I will tell you now this is NOT a community for promoting hate of any kind, even to those which we wish to change. It will be about searching out racism and trying to eradicate it in all forms.

Thanks for your attention.