October 15th, 2007

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Just for shits and giggles I skimmed over the entries over in kissmyass_cosmo and oh are they as pitiful as ever. Really, they claim that the beauty industry is a blight on our society, oppressing women as a whole, but the attitudes they choose to project are harming them more than advertisements ever could. Let's take a look shall we?

That entry's a gem because it's essentially a conglomeration of all the aspects that community stands for.

Let's see we've got...

The proponents that chubby to morbidly obese women, cottage cheese thighs and all, should be considered aesthetically pleasing to everyone. Hey, being cellulite ridden and fat makes you an individual, imagine that.

When an ad claims a product can render you "sexy", the true result is it'll make your brother want to fuck you along with every other salivating human with a penis.

Whenever an ad for means of diet loss crops up, that's an immediate license to be outraged beyond belief. Can you imagine how delightful these insanely insecure women are in real life, if that's all it takes to set you off?

The media condemns tongue rings as it makes you a promiscuous hussy and an unfit mother.

Here's the token comment about being threatened by women who meet conventional beauty standards. If she were so comfortable with herself, would other women's choices bother her? It reeks of jealousy.

A jab at women who are thin (like a little boy!) with large breasts. I thought that community was all about accepting women for what they are regardless of their appearance?

It makes me laugh thinking of how just an image of an attractive woman can send them over the edge. They're barely worth even addressing because all it takes to piss them off is a lip gloss advertisement. How pathetic can a person get?