Ann Hyphen (trancendenz) wrote in rockmyass_cosmo,
Ann Hyphen

Again, I hate to do this but...

...this comment annoyed me. In reference to this lj user's "bum":

"I groom and I try to minimize the appearance of my bum... not that there's anything wrong with some jiggle in that area. I'm just conditioned to want to hide it (from everyone)."

???? conditioned to hide it?? conditioned by what or who (whom-i suck at grammar)?
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I had to take some stupid grammar course. Whom is used if you can answer the question with him. Who is used when you can answer it with he. So it would be whom, but I think it's pretty outdated anyways.

In anycase, how the fuck do you groom your ass? All I can picture is some chick taping her butt together.

In any case, I was told in grade 6 that I had a bubble butt, and it haunted me for a while, but I never tried to hide it? The thought never even occured to me.
I like bubble butts. I think they are cute.