Pissed off (rainbrains_girl) wrote in rockmyass_cosmo,
Pissed off

Why do all of the girls in the kissmyass_cosmo group always put down women with big breasts? Even if the woman has natural big breasts, They hate the woman with a passion. They don't want the woman to be seen anywhere in the media. They always complain if a woman with big breasts is spotted anywhere. They've complained about big breasted women being in paintings, video games, movies, malls, etc. Notice that most of the women with big breasts in the paintings and video games also have big hips. They are realistically proportioned so why all the fervent complaints? The ideal body type for many people has always been the hourglass figure which contains a small waist, plump thighs, large hips, and large breasts. So could it be full blown hatred these girls have or a tendency to insult everything that's considered popularity of well-liked just to be non-conformist?
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