Bethany (lovelark) wrote in rockmyass_cosmo,

The art of Make-up, the power of heels

This morning I spent an hour and 20 minutes on my appearance, and I am a dedicated feminist and dedicated destroyer of the patriarch.
It's not that I believe it's my duty to look pretty. It's not that I'm conforming to anyone's idea of what beauty is, it's that I'm celebrating what it is that makes me feel womanly.

I'm not trying to attract men, I'm not trying to compete with the women around me, I just want to feel powerful as a young female while I work my ass through a world controlled by middle-aged men. My heels and my make-up are in defiance, subtle weapons with which I fight the war to NOT remain in the backround. I'm no one's doll, and I refuse to be used as an object, but I will embrace and draw attention to those things that make me appear womanly. Like a badge.

I will continue to work on my physique for myself, not to flaunt. I will continue to play with make-up as an art form, as part of the continuing search for effective self-expression.

There's nothing wrong with being womanly in whatever way a woman sees fit. I'm so glad that there's a community that finally gets it.
There's a difference between TRYING to be a sex symbol, and embracing one's femininity.

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