Pissed off (rainbrains_girl) wrote in rockmyass_cosmo,
Pissed off

Reasons I can't take Kissmyass_Cosmo seriously

1. They believe wearing make-up is wrong.

2. Ms. izzerwurst  said that the first amendment of the United States proclaiming "freedom of Speech" was bullshit.

3.  Ms. Izzerwurst is very intolerant of other women's beliefs and cosmetic needs if they do not correlate with hers.

She states
"When i used to work at an independent pharmacy several years ago i got fed up with 'feminine hygiene' products and packed up the entire douche/spray section and sent it back to the wholesaler without a word to my boss o_o" (So immature. And definetly she was not thinking that some women like to use that. A very selfish and childish thing to do.)

4. You are automatically banned if you question their beliefs.

5. The mental age group of some of these girls is probably around eleven.

6. They bitch girls out for shaving bodyparts.

7. They do not use logic when venturing into an argument.


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