Ann Hyphen (trancendenz) wrote in rockmyass_cosmo,
Ann Hyphen

okay this is just freaky

"no one smiles during their period"

"I do! It has to do with avoiding tampons and pads, though... ;o)"

from the most recent kmac post.

I mean liking bloodplay and all is your personal preference, but liking blood that is black because of oxidizing and not wearing pads is pretty gross. I could be assuming too much but it goos me out. I guess if they had those one things that stick up there, but still. I've never heard of anyone not wearing at least SOMETHING during their period.
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They might use a diva cup or moon cup.
That's what I was hoping they were referring to.
... I smile during my period. And it has nothing to do with that. *shrugs*
Well I do too, but I don't smile about my period.

I don't understand why women like nasty, clotted, slimey blood coming out of them. But I guess to each his own lol
My girlfriend usually smiles during her period.

I don't know why anyone wouldn't.
I do too, but not ABOUT my period..I should have posted the link.
"no one smiles during their period"

I said that bit, not because it's true for everyone, but just cause that's how I generally feel about my period, personally.

Maybe if I had a particularly good or painless day, I might smile, but then again, that's not always true for me either, I suppose, lol.