Pissed off (rainbrains_girl) wrote in rockmyass_cosmo,
Pissed off

Dearest Izzerwurst......

I just realized something. Our very well respected enemy izzerwurst is a hypocrite. She opposes porn and erotica yet she is a fan of Harry Potter slash. Now Slash is usually sexual art or writings of a fan made pairing consisting of two same sex characters.
So wait? So my darling Ms. Izzy, If you're so gung ho about Ms. Andrea Dworkin and killing porn and pornostars or whatever,
Why do you promote slash pairings from a children's book?
Isn't it kind of disturbing that you fantasize about Harry who is underage (from what I recall) having sex with other underage boys and over-the-age of consent wizards at Hogwarts?

I believe I have you pwned, Ms. Izzerwurst.
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