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Did anybody on here see the newest form of the Dove campaign ads. I actually liked the newest ones with the little girls because even though it's a corporation using capitalism (at it's best lol) I felt a sincere drive to get women to feel better about themselves.

Do you think American society (or any society really) might be finally starting to realize that women's happiness is important? I think that's my problem with many feminists because they seem to care more about making themselves feel better by making all women the same than about what truly makes individual women happy (in that they are jealous or angry or many who have low self esteems).

In that, I mean that from what I've seen, which of course isn't too great a scope, that the most outspoken feminists aren't looking out for the best interests of all women. They are looking for some sort of control that many people seek, but they get away with it because it's under the guise of equality. I mean look at kissmyass_cosmo. The perfect example of a group of women who don't care about the feelings or ideals of other women and are looking to satisfy their own perceived shortcomings.

How do you guys feel about that? I know this has been talked about before, but I think true feminists and equalists (I guess thats a world lol) need to start making a stand to show we really do care what INDIVIDUAL women think. And with that, do you think it's remotely posssible to use the system that does affect so many women to their benefit?

Reasons I can't take Kissmyass_Cosmo seriously

1. They believe wearing make-up is wrong.

2. Ms. izzerwurst  said that the first amendment of the United States proclaiming "freedom of Speech" was bullshit.

3.  Ms. Izzerwurst is very intolerant of other women's beliefs and cosmetic needs if they do not correlate with hers.

She states
"When i used to work at an independent pharmacy several years ago i got fed up with 'feminine hygiene' products and packed up the entire douche/spray section and sent it back to the wholesaler without a word to my boss o_o" (So immature. And definetly she was not thinking that some women like to use that. A very selfish and childish thing to do.)

4. You are automatically banned if you question their beliefs.

5. The mental age group of some of these girls is probably around eleven.

6. They bitch girls out for shaving bodyparts.

7. They do not use logic when venturing into an argument.

pushed too far

The art of Make-up, the power of heels

This morning I spent an hour and 20 minutes on my appearance, and I am a dedicated feminist and dedicated destroyer of the patriarch.
It's not that I believe it's my duty to look pretty. It's not that I'm conforming to anyone's idea of what beauty is, it's that I'm celebrating what it is that makes me feel womanly.

I'm not trying to attract men, I'm not trying to compete with the women around me, I just want to feel powerful as a young female while I work my ass through a world controlled by middle-aged men. My heels and my make-up are in defiance, subtle weapons with which I fight the war to NOT remain in the backround. I'm no one's doll, and I refuse to be used as an object, but I will embrace and draw attention to those things that make me appear womanly. Like a badge.

I will continue to work on my physique for myself, not to flaunt. I will continue to play with make-up as an art form, as part of the continuing search for effective self-expression.

There's nothing wrong with being womanly in whatever way a woman sees fit. I'm so glad that there's a community that finally gets it.
There's a difference between TRYING to be a sex symbol, and embracing one's femininity.
a: junkoooo

beauty standard

I really think girls dress up for other girls, and I hate that the kissmyass movement seems to not recognize this. It just seems like a huge competition...and I feel completely aware of it. I'm attractive, but I look atypical from the current beauty standard. Despite that, I would still get slammed by the kissmyass crowd for giving into some kind of beauty standard because of wearing makeup and "dressing up" often. It doesn't matter. I'm sick of people claiming if they don't look perfect to start they should give up on every kind of personal aesthetics. But that's an argument for another time.

I'm aware that, when I don't have a roll-out-of-bed day, girls who are less attractive than me seem intimidated by me and treat me differently. But if I'm completely shithouse around guys, they'll usually treat me the same...apart from really making a huge effort to dress up, they treat me the same. There will be days where I just don't feel like fixing myself up, I go out, hang out with someone, then afterwards someone will mention that I look especially good. They know I'm a girl, they know I'm not absolutely hideous, that's pretty much enough for most guys. All the other stuff is tacked on and carried out by us girls.

It just seems like no matter how progressive or liberal girls claim to be, they still angst about the competition of being pretty and are auto-jealous about it, and become extremelly irate when people point this out. I can't tell you how many arguments I've seen from these girls that just HAVE to mention "and then this blonde in a mini-skirt said" "and this girl was dressed up and wearing make-up" "she actually did this while wearing heels" etc etc, while trying to discredit or refute someone's opinion. Would they have listened to the girl's opinions more if they considered her, unattractive and she not dressed in a way that made them look better than the speaker? They probably would have. Because she's not "subscribing to the beauty standard" for whatever reason, aka...probably looking better than they are at the moment. It's so immature and primal, yet they refuse to see it. It drives me nuts.

Honestly, when I think about it. If I dress up and get a compliment from a guy (who isn't my boyfriend) I just kind of roll my eyes and think "guys". If I dress up and get a compliment from another female, I'm flattered and much more glad. A girl thinking another girl looks good is weighed as much more important, I think. I sometimes wish people would realize that boys who aren't 13 or complete assholes don't care THAT MUCH. When girls go through great or "ridiculous" lengths to look good, it's usually for groups of other females rather than groups of males. I'm sick of it being blamed on the patriarchy. Beauty standards have changed constantly and bottom line: straight men still like women. The end.

Females and males both compete in different ways. With us, it's looks. In a most primal sense: I can honestly say that if I make a concious effort, I can cause other females to look upon me with jealousy or intimidation. This makes me feel good sometimes. Girls that feel like they can't do this are angry about it. I'm guessing that's what kissmyass is really about.

btw, I HAVE known typically unattractive girls who are generally happy and secure with themselves. and guess what? they don't fucking bring up other more attractive girls every 2 seconds. it kind of negates your point.

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Hey guys, I hate to promote a community that me and *guy* created but here it is. It's called blackfolkwatch. The main purpose was to be the antithesis to a racist community. It's not anti-black people, but the community we oppose is called blackfolk lol

Our community is also anti-sexist, pro-sexuality (i.e. pro homo and hetero and both lifestyles), and basically anti-isms. We really need members and this has become so important to me as I'm tired of -isms in America.

I'm hoping that people will first post their situations with discrimination and be open to discussing class issues as well. You can read the info, but I will tell you now this is NOT a community for promoting hate of any kind, even to those which we wish to change. It will be about searching out racism and trying to eradicate it in all forms.

Thanks for your attention.


...not many of you are libertarians (probably). I'm highly annoyed with the post in feminism about how libertarian ideals don't mesh with feminism. Personal responsibility, accountability for actions and reproductive freedom are all libertarian ideals, but somehow that doesn't mesh with feminism because apparently feminism means that ones personal responsibility only goes so far..that free speech is only afforded to popular and politically correct speech...that our lives should be dictated by how our culture perceives us.

Sorry if this is a rant. I've been up to my ears in annoying things today and I had to post this. If you aren't libertarian and you don't agree, please don't reply because I won't listen. I just needed to rant on a community that I *think* will understand. Sorry if it's out of place.

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Hm, I got banned from commenting on KMA_C.

When the hell did that happen? I think the last comment I made was a few months ago, possibly about how people always get shot down for acknowledging that men get shit on as well.


So I'm going to post my latest response here, since I typed it up and all.

" The behaviour isn't very savory, but this world is run on capitalism, and these girls do need the money to live. There's no need to turn their back on you or say rude things; they probably aren't very nice people in the first place, but most retail workers need to make money.

I remember working in a clothing store for 3 months. That's all I could last because my boss constantly tore me down and insulted me and hurt me because I wasn't making sales, because I avoided the peppy people. I spent more time on the laid back people, and they never, ever, spent as much. I'm not saying this to be rude, but it is a fact I observed.

Retail is hard work, and although the comments you experienced were out of hand, it's not all these girls fault.

In fact, I dress the exact same to go out so I will be ignored until I ask for help. I hate being barraged."

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Why do all of the girls in the kissmyass_cosmo group always put down women with big breasts? Even if the woman has natural big breasts, They hate the woman with a passion. They don't want the woman to be seen anywhere in the media. They always complain if a woman with big breasts is spotted anywhere. They've complained about big breasted women being in paintings, video games, movies, malls, etc. Notice that most of the women with big breasts in the paintings and video games also have big hips. They are realistically proportioned so why all the fervent complaints? The ideal body type for many people has always been the hourglass figure which contains a small waist, plump thighs, large hips, and large breasts. So could it be full blown hatred these girls have or a tendency to insult everything that's considered popularity of well-liked just to be non-conformist?

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I hate sex. Anybody who enjoys it is a disgusting, slutty, worthless person. Sex will be (is?) the downfall of the human race. Humans should only ever be able to have sex a few times in their entire lives - and they will only conceive one child. A person will be able to have sex as much as they want, without birth control, until a child is conceived, and then NEVER AGAIN. I think that anybody who has had more than one child deserves the death penalty for overpopulating the Earth, and for promiscuity. Whores are lower than animals. They are lower than maggots, because at least maggots don't have sex just for the fun of it - as if there IS any fun in it!