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Don't Blame Society Because You Feel Ugly

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This community is for those who realize that the standards of beauty being pushed on them by society cannot hurt them if they do not conform.

Some members oppose these standards, some agree with them. However, all members should agree that if you feel down because of these standards, then it is a problem with yourself and not society. This group stands for personal responsibility when it comes to self-esteem.

This group also is about liking Cosmo, the magazine.

This community is meant as a forum for support, persuasion, venting, et cetera about people who won't take personal responsibility and are out to destroy what some of us love and cherish. There are already enough communities dedicated to unbridled, unchecked, unthought-out feminism. This is a group for people who may have different views on what is right and wrong, but know that these things come down to personal responsibility.